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Booking Queries

1. How do I book AAA tickets?
    AAA’s entire inventory of seats is available online.
    One can make a booking through any of the following points of sale:
  • Book online at www.iflyaaa.com and click Flight Booking
  • 24 / 7 call center between 8:30am - 5:00pm
  • Airport counters
  • Travel agents

2. How do I make the payment?
For bookings made online and through the call center the payment has to be remitted by credit card.  At other points of sale, payment can be made either via a designated bank or by credit card.

3. Is the AAA website secured enough for passengers to provide their credit card information?
The AAA website is completely secured.  All the confidential payment details of our passengers are encrypted and stored so as to ensure maximum security.

4. Is there a specific browser that has to be used to book AAA tickets?
AAA website can only be browsed by Internet Explorer Version 5.5 and above.  Other browsers like --------- Mesilla, Netscape etc do not support the website and AAA tickets cannot be booked through them.

5. What is the mandatory information that should provided while booking a ticket?
It is absolutely essential to provide the passenger’s correct mobile number on the ticket.  AAA sends SMS alerts to mobile numbers of passengers entered while booking, to inform of any changes in schedule.  If your ticket is being booked by a travel agent, please ensure that your mobile number is entered instead of the agents.  It is also essential to provide an alternate land line number, your email address and valid contact address while booking.

6. Do I receive a ticket when I book a seat on an AAA flight?
AAA issues only e-tickets instead of conventional tickets, which are booked online at all points of sale.  These e-tickets once booked online, can be printed on a normal A4 paper and produced at the airport counter along with a valid photo identity card or correct Travel Documents.  When a booking is made, a PNR number for each ticket is generated which is the unique identification for the ticket.

7. What happens if while booking my internet connection disconnects, my card gets debited but the PNR is not generated?
In such a case please contact our call center between 8.30AM – 5PM with complete details pertaining to your travel.  Incase the PNR has been generated, the call center will inform you of the same and you can travel on that PNR.  However, if the PNR has not been generated the debited amount will roll back to your credit card within 14 working days time.  While making a booking, a reference number is generated which will help you track if a booking has been made or not.

8. Whenever AAA announces bookings, the website becomes very slow and the call center is inaccessible.  We are unable to make bookings.  What should we do at such times?
 Whenever AAA opens bookings there is heavy traffic on the website.  The number of hits received by the website goes up manifold and therefore the website becomes slow.  To counter this problem it would be a good idea to try logging in at non-peak hours when the traffic is not too much.  Similarly, the call center also receives too many calls and therefore there could be a long waiting period before an agent comes on line.   AAA has several other points of sale, which are listed above where tickets can be purchased in such circumstances.

9. Where do I collect my ticket from incase I only have a PNR number but no print-out? AAA tickets can be collected from the airport reservation counter against valid PNR and a valid photo identity card preferably your passport for verification.  After collection of the ticket, all passengers have to proceed to the check-in counter.

10. Can I purchase an open AAA ticket?
No.  All the chosen sectors and journeys have to be booked and paid for at the same time.

11. How many passengers can be booked on one PNR?
Only 10 passengers can be booked on a PNR.  New PNR have to be generated for more than 10 passengers.

12. Till how many hours prior to flight departure am I allowed to book an AAA ticket?
Bookings at the airport counters can be made up to 1 hour prior to flight departure and up to 3 hours prior through the other points of sale.

13. Can I change my reservation (sector, date and time)?
Once a reservation has been made, it is only possible to change the date and time of travel.  This can be done through or ‘re-scheduling facility’ at a charge of USD 50.00 per passenger per journey.  The difference in fare will also have to be paid incase the current fare is higher than the original fare.  It is not possible to change the sector or destination of any reservation.

14. Can I change the names of passengers on my reservation?
Change in name of passengers is not allowed.  Incase a wrong name has been entered, the booking will have to be cancelled and a fresh booking will have to be made.

15. Can I edit any details on the ticket?
Yes it is possible to edit contact details (telephone, mobile number) and the title (Mr., Mrs., Ms, and Dr) of passengers through the ‘modification facility’ at a charge of USD 50.00 per change.  Modification can be done at any point of sale.  However, it is advised that while booking tickets, all details are first verified before confirming the booking.

16. Is a ticket transferable? 
AAA tickets cannot be transferred.

17. Is it possible to block AAA tickets?
Yes, it is possible to block tickets.  One can do that only through our call center for a maximum period of 24 hours within which the payment has to be made either at our airport counters or at our certified ‘Hold and Pay’ travel agents or at our city office counter.  However, a ticket can only be blocked for travel after 72 hours.

18. Does AAA have special group booking options?
Bookings for more than 20 passengers can be made through our special group bookings facility.  Incase you wish to book tickets for a group, please email all details to info@ifyaaa.com. On receipt of the email our Reservation Agents will contact you with the applicable fares and other details.


Re-scheduling and cancellation
19. How many hours prior to departure am I allowed to re-schedule my journey?
Rescheduling of ticket is only possible 04 hours prior to flight departure.  No change is possible within 04 hours of flight departure.  Within 4 hours before departure, it is only possible to cancel the reservation.

20. What is the re-scheduling fee?
The rescheduling fee is USD 50.00 per passenger per journey.  The difference in fare is also charged.

21. How do I re-schedule my ticket?
Tickets can be re-scheduled at any point of sale.

22. Am I entitled to any refund incase I cancel my booking? If yes, what?
A. No person shall be entitled to transportation without a valid reservation.  A ticket reservation shall entitle the person to transport only between the points of origin and  destination specified in the customer’s reservation.

B. No reservation shall be considered confirmed until payment has been received in full.

C. Reservations are valid only on the flight and date shown on the reservation record.  A customer may cancel their reservation by contacting African Alliance Airlines booking office or email: info@iflyaaa.com  If a customer purchases transportation and chooses not to travel on the flight and/or date for which the reservation was made and contacts African Alliance Airlines, a credit may be issued for future transportation on Carrier.  This credit is subject to restrictions based on the specific fare rules and will be valid for one year toward transportation on Carrier and is subject to a $100.00 change fee for Accra, Banjul, Dubai, Freetown, London, Lagos and The USA (JFK&ATL).  Additionally, any applicable fare differences will apply.

D. When a round trip ticket has been issued and the passenger fails to honor his/her reservation on the outbound portion.  Carrier will cancel without notification the return portion of the passenger’s  reservations.

E. All returning passengers are required to confirm their flight seventy-two (72) hours after arrival.  Failure to confirm your flight will lead to cancellation of your booking.

F. Tickets are not transferable.  African Alliance Airlines will not be liable to the holder of a reservation for honoring such reservation when presented to African Alliance Airlines by another person.

G. In the event any African Alliance Airlines flight is cancelled or delayed for any reason, African Alliance Airlines shall not be obligated to obtain or provide alternative transportation/accommodation for a customer on any flight other than another flight operated by African Alliance Airlines.

H. Reservation may be made with African Alliance Airlines by telephone or on African Alliance Airlines’ Internet site at www.africanallianceairlines.com.

I. Payments to African Alliance Airlines must be made either by use of a valid credit card or payment of cash to African Alliance Airlines assigned Bank.  African Alliance Airlines will not accept personal checks.

23. How do I cancel my ticket?
Ticket can be canceled at any point of sale.

24. Often while trying to cancel tickets, the website gives an error and the process does not get completed.  What do I do in such cases?
For safety issues web browsers by default set the security settings to high, which does not allow the ticket to be cancelled.  Please change your browser settings to low and then try canceling the ticket.  For any assistance please contact our call center 8.30AM – 5PM.

25. How do I collect my refund and when?
A. African Alliance Airlines has refundable and non-refundable fares.

B. All reservations are non-transferable and may only be used by the passenger named on the ticket/reservation at the time reservation is made

C. African Alliance Airlines  reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person who acquired a reservation in violation of the Carrier’s rules and regulations.


Fares and Pricing

26.  How are AAA tickets priced?
AAA fares are dynamic in nature and are a ratio between the demand and supply on any given sector at any given point in time.

27. Is there a different pricing for foreign nationals?
AAA does not have differential pricing for foreign nationals.  Our fares are universal for all across the globe.

28. How are tickets priced for children and infants?
Adult and child tickets have standard pricing.  Infants’ ticket fares are priced at 10% of the basic fare plus taxes.

29. Is it possible that a child’s fare could be higher than an adult’s?
Yes.  AAA has a dynamic pricing policy where fares move upwards in a bucket system with various price points.  Due to this, there could be cases where the fare is in a lower price bucket when booking for adults and it moves into the higher price bucket when booked for child.  There are limited seats per price bucket on every flight and thereby the fares for the adult and child fare might differ.

30. Is there a concession fare for senior citizens, students, armed forces etc?
AAA does not offer any concessions for senior citizens, students, armed forces etc.

31. What is break up of an AAA ticket fare?
A one-way AAA ticket fare comprises:

  1. Basic fare
  2. Fees and Taxes
  3. Transaction fee of ----- if booked online through the website
Transaction fee (5% of basic fare) if booked through any other point of sale apart from the website.


Baggage Queries

32.  How much baggage can I check-in on AAA  flight ?
Upon presentation by a customer holding a reservation, African Alliance Airlines will Allow the following baggage to be transported as checked baggage on the same flight or flights as the customer without additional charge.  Each passenger shall be entitled to a maximum of two (2) checked bags and one (1) carry on bag not exceeding fifteen (15) pounds.  The maximum weight of the checked bags must conform to the limitations set Forth below:
For flights to and from Accra, Banjul, Dubai, Freetown, London, Lagos and The USA (JFK & ATL) each passenger shall be entitled to a maximum of two (2) checked bags and one (1)  Carry-on bag not exceeding fifteen (15) pounds.  The maximum weight of the checked Bags must not exceed 50 pounds or 23kg each for Economy Class.
For Business Class, the maximum weight of the checked bags must not exceed 70lbs or 32kg each. Size: Each piece may not exceed the dimension of
29” x 24” x 9” for checked baggage And 8” x 14” x 18” for carry-on bags. Duffle bags with the above size limitations will NOT be accepted during the following Period:  June 15th through September 10th and from December 4th through January 9th. Carry-on baggage must be limited to under seat stowage dimensions.

For infants traveling to and from Accra, Banjul, Dubai, Freetown, London, Lagos, and The USA (JFK&ATL), Nigeria & London, one (1)
free 35Ibs or 16kg checked baggage per paid fare is allowed.  Additionally, one (1) infant or child safety seat, or both will be checked in.

Excess baggage charges specified in this Article will be applicable from the point at which the    
Baggage is accepted to the point to which the baggage is returned to the customer.

A. Charges:
1. For travel to and from Accra, Banjul,  Dubai, Freetown,  London, Lagos, The USA (JKF&ATL), in addition to the free baggage
allowance of 50 pounds or 23kg, any bag weighing over 50 pounds in Economy but not more than 70Ibs or 32kg in Business Class, a fee of $50.00 will be charged per bag.  Any additional (third) piece will be $150.00 per piece up to seventy (70) poundsItems over (70) pounds are not accepted.

2. Duffel bags are not accepted from June 15th through September 10th and from December 4th through January 9th.

3. Surfboards, windsurfers and golf clubs will be accepted as an excess baggage at a fee of
$70.00 per item. Customers will be required to sign a waver of liability before these items are accepted.

4. No trunks or boxes are allowed.

5. All excess baggage is accepted on a space available basis.
How much hand luggage (unchecked baggage) can I bring onboard AAA flights?
Each passenger (excluding infants) is allowed to carry one small piece of hand baggage, which must not exceed
7kilos If your hand baggage exceeds the stated limits it will have to be checked-in. In the event that your total checked-in baggage exceeds the free allowance an excess baggage charge of $50 per bag of 10kg will be incurred. It is recommended that all valuable articles are only carried in your hand baggage

Flight on the Regional Route – Excess Baggage Charge
With all above baggage condition applied. Free baggage allowance
shall be 23Kg

Flight from Lagos to Accra and Accra to Lagos shall be
$2 per kg.

Flight from Banjul to Freetown and Freetown to Banjul shall be
$2 per kg

Flight from Banjul and Freetown to Lagos and Accra and From Lagos and Accra to Freetown and
Banjul shall be
$3 per kg.

Fares: When fares are combined to form a round trip, the most restricted fare takes precedence.

As such, the most restrictive conditions will apply.

Note that the $ charge can be paid in its equivalent in local currency.
NOTICE of Incorporated Terms: All travel is subject to the terms in African Alliance Airlines contract of Carriage, including rules about limitation on liability for personal injury  or death, loss, damage, or delay of goods and baggage, overbooking, denial of carriage, claim restrictions, schedule changes and irregularities. The contract of carriage can be found at any of our ticketing location

34. Is there a special baggage allowance for international passengers? AAA does not have a special baggage allowance for international passengers.  The baggage allowance is the same for all passengers as mentioned above.

35. With upgraded security on aircraft what items am I not permitted to carry onboard the aircraft?
Recently, there has been an increase in the level of security onboard all aircraft.  Passengers are not allowed to bring any sharp objects onto the aircraft.  This includes nail clippers, scissors, razors, blades, bulbs, batteries or any other object that may be considered dangerous.  The airline will not be held responsible for any such item, which is taken over by airport security agencies.

36. What should I do if my checked in baggage does not reach the destination?
In the event of your baggage not reaching the destination on time, immediately report to the airport counter at the destination.  Please fill the ‘property irregularity report’ and submit at the counter.  AAA will try and trace your baggage at the earliest. 
You may also email to

37. What should I do if my baggage has been lost during my flight with AAA?  Am I entitled to any compensation?
In the event of loss or damage to baggage the airline’s liability is limited to no more than $2,800 per passenger, provided, loss of baggage has been reported to the airline, prior to leaving the airport on the day of the loss and if not traced within 7 days.

38. Are prams and infant seats allowed to be carried on AAA flights?
Baby seats and prams are not allowed on board AAA flights.


39. When do I check-in?
AAA check-in counters open 5 hours prior to scheduled flight departure and close strictly 45 minutes prior to flight departure.  Passengers who do not comply with the check-in deadline and report late are deemed as ‘no-show’ passengers and are denied boarding without refund.

40. Is there a deadline for the security check after check-in?
All passengers have to report at the security hold and boarding gate area at least 60 minutes prior to flight departure.  Passengers who do not report in time are deemed as ‘gate no-shows’ and are denied boarding without refund.

41. Do large groups of passengers have a different check-in deadline?
Groups larger than 10 passengers have to report at the check-in counter at least 1.5 hours prior to departure.

42. Does AAA allow through check-in?
AAA does not allow through check-in either for passengers or for baggage.

43. Incase I have an AAA connecting flight on the same day, what should be the time gap between the arrival and departure?
Incase a passenger has an AAA connecting or return flight on the same day, there has to be a minimum gap of 2 hours between the arrival of the onward flight and departure of the return or connecting AAA flight.

44. What photo-identification should I show at the airport?
Any of the following documents can be produced at the airport for verification.  It is mandatory for every passenger to show his / her photo identity at the airport else boarding is not allowed.

45. What if I do not have a photo-identity card?
Incase you do not possess any of the above photo identity cards, you may get an affidavit made with your photograph attested by an authorized notary or gazetted officer and produce the same at the airport.  Since AAA follows electronic ticketing system, for security and verification purposes it is imperative that all passengers traveling by AAA including children have to show their identity card or their Travel Document.  It is a must to show the birth certificate of infants at the airport for verification for their age.

46. Can I be denied boarding if my name or title on the ticket do not match with the name on my identity card?
Yes, boarding can be denied if the name or title on the ticket does not match the name on your identity card.  For e.g. a female booked as Mr. John Joe, or Mr.  Charles Donne booked as Mr. Charles Joe will not be allowed to travel.


47.  Define an infant?
An infant is defined as an individual under the age of two.  An individual who has completed 2 years or above is a child.

48. Is it a must to show my infant’s age proof at the airport?
Yes it is mandatory to show the age proof of an infant at the airport else a full ticket will have to be purchased.  The birth certificate of the infant has to be produced at the time of check-in.

49. I want to travel by AAA this week and my infant is 23 months old.  My return journey will be after a month and my infant will be 24 months old.  How do I book his ticket?
Your infant’s onward ticket will have to be booked as an infant and the return ticket as a child since by the he would complete 2 years of age.

50. How many infants per adult can be booked on an AAA flight?
Maximum one infant per adult can be booked.  Seats are not provided to the infants and they have to be carried on the accompanying adult’s lap.


Changes in flight schedule (delays, advancements and cancellations)
51. How does AAA inform passengers about changes in schedule?
AAA schedules are subject to change without notice.  AAA notifies all passengers of any scheduled change via SMS which is sent to the mobile numbers they provide at the time of booking.  There are no phone calls made to inform passengers.  Every passenger is requested to kindly confirm, either with the call center at (your city code) or the travel agent to confirm the status of the flight at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.

52. What happens incase an AAA flight gets delayed or cancelled?
If in case of unavoidable reasons AAA cancels its flight or delays it beyond two hours, as per the present policy, the passengers are either entitled to a full refund or for a free re-scheduling to a later date subject to availability.  Incase you cancel your booking; the refund will have to be collected at the point of purchase of your ticket.  We wish to add, incase of flight delay beyond two hours, the passengers have to cancel or re-schedule the ticket before the departure of the flight else the ticket becomes no-show and is not entitled for any refund or re-scheduling.

53. What happens in case of weather related flight disruption?
For certain months in the year especially Mid-December and Mid-January, due to poor visibility, dense fog/snow and bad weather West Africa some flights may get cancelled, re-scheduled, indefinitely delayed or diverted to other airfields.  These circumstances are completely beyond the control of the airline and are governed by relevant regulatory authorities. 
In such cases AAA responsibility is restricted to transporting the passenger only to the destination booked.  The airline is not liable to provide alternate transport; accommodation or refreshments at any point in time and the passengers have to make their own arrangements.

54. What happens in case I have a connecting flight after an AAA flight and the flight gets delayed?
AAA is strictly a ‘point to point’ airline and does not take any obligation or responsibility for transfer of passengers or their baggage to other flights, whether operated by AAA or another carrier.  AAA does not provide for accommodation, refreshments nor does it provide or arrange for alternate mode of travel.

Special services (wheelchair and unaccompanied minors)
 What special services does AAA provide to its passengers?
AAA offers special assistance for passengers who require wheelchair assistance and to unaccompanied minors.  Wheelchair assistance is provided at no charge per passenger and unaccompanied minor assistance at a charge of $100 per passenger.

56. Why are these services charged?
Any service which involves a human element does have a service charge involved and thereby we have introduced a system wherein we charge for special services.  AAA being a no-frills airline has to charge for these services in order to maintain its low fares.

57. How can I avail of these services?
These special services have to be mentioned at the time of booking.  The payment has to be made at the airport on the day of the journey.

58. What is the mode of payment for these services at the airport?
Payment at the airport for special services has to be made in cash. Credit and debit cards are not accepted.

59. How many wheelchair passengers are allowed per flight?
Only 04 wheelchair passengers per flight are allowed on board AAA flights.

60. Is there an age restriction for unaccompanied minors?
The age restriction for unaccompanied minors is 12.  Individuals above the age of 12 are considered as adults.

61.  Is there any paperwork required for these special services?
Yes a form has to be filled up at the origin for both wheelchair requirement and unaccompanied minor assistance.

62. Will I be allowed to take my pup with me on an AAA flight?
AAA does not allow pets on board its flight.

63. Does AAA serve food on board?
Yes, AAA serves refreshments and food on board.

64. Will I be allowed to take outside food on board?
AAA does not allow outside food and beverages to be carried by passengers on board its flights.

65. What is the policy for pregnant women?
Pregnant women are allowed to travel only up to the end of the 6th month of pregnancy, provided they have a medically fit to travel certificate issued by a certified Gynecologist.  After the end of the 6th month, pregnant women are not allowed to travel even with a doctor’s certificate.

66. Are passengers in ill health allowed to travel?
Passengers with ill health are allowed to travel provided they have a fit to travel certificate issued by a certified medical practitioner.  The airline reserves the right to deny boarding to passengers who are considered medically unfit to travel and do not have appropriate medical certification.

67. Who should we contact incase of any problems or issues?
Incase of any issues related to reservations, cancellation, re-scheduling etc, please contact our  call center .(please prefix your city code if dialing from a mobile).  To share your feedback with us and any refund related issues please Email: info@iflyaaa.com.

68. How do I get a visa to Travel to a Foreign Country?
Please contact the nearest Consulate or Embassy of the foreign country you wish to visit for up-to date information on the entry requirements.


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